Cooking Whole Wild Turkey on Pellet Grill | JUICY MEAT!

18-Apr, 2021
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Cooking a whole wild turkey on the pellet grill for a juicy wild game meal!
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Shout out to @Mullet Man for the flint knife!
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Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other UZworld Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie AKA Ocean Spoon Girl and french bulldog Winston.
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  • That looks so amazing thanks for the recipe will be smoking 1 like that soon for sure!!! Congrats on the little boy on the way!!

    Blake WaguespackBlake Waguespack2 kun oldin
  • That looked amazing!!! I Love not only the hunting videos but the cooking what you hunted videos as well. OSG is so beautiful!! Love the way your family interacts. Keep up the amazing content!!!

    EoffZooStaffEoffZooStaff3 kun oldin
  • Steph need to use a lemon powder sugar glaze on the strawberry scones.

    Softball LifeSoftball Life3 kun oldin
  • Really enjoyed this video that turkey look amazing it look juicy falling right off the bone especially it's a wild turkey love you Channel man God bless you as well as your family and friends watching all the way from Spain thank you so much for this amazing video

    Leroy sosaLeroy sosa4 kun oldin
  • I was skeptical until you did the gobble. Haha!!!

    Stephen PorterStephen Porter4 kun oldin
  • You make me strive to become a better person, and maybe a family man one day. I didn't want to be here a few years ago, now I want to continue mastering my passions so I can help others do the same. Thanks for being a stand up dude LFG and congrats on your newest addition to the family!

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand Grows5 kun oldin
  • Man, I need whatever camera/microphone combo you have for the kitchen segments. The audio sounds great and I don't see you guys wearing mics. Thanks for posting your gear in the description!

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand Grows5 kun oldin
  • You need to ....if you would I think ya'll will love it !!! Pluck one on ...pellet grill turn the smoke up a little bit more. I can bet you'll love it !!

    Richard CoxRichard Cox5 kun oldin
  • I think it's too salty because you are suppose to rinse it after brining to remove all that salt you don't want.

    Cole FranksCole Franks7 kun oldin
  • To reduce the salty taste of the brine I always rinse and pat dry with paper towel after it comes out of the brine. Also I cook it whole with stuffing and use the drippings to make a smokey gravy

    Gordon BussGordon Buss7 kun oldin
  • Starting around 8:22 the robin calling in the background lines up perfectly with the

    ninjamedic41ninjamedic419 kun oldin
  • First time watching new sub here 🤙🏾🤙🏾

    Fishing With MikeyFishing With Mikey9 kun oldin
  • I pressure cook the dark meat and make a great turkey salad for sandwiches.

    rick eggersrick eggers10 kun oldin
  • The background music makes me, think of Pigpatroltv's channel. Dirty stachebags

    Kyle ReinholdKyle Reinhold10 kun oldin
  • Just a little tip of defeathering the turkey that you might not know. If you boil some water and pour it on the bird, the feather's litterally come right off the turkey. It's way easier than plucking the feathers. It just helps alot.

    Daniel SwiaderDaniel Swiader10 kun oldin
  • Lucky man u got the good wife.

    Arro BrewerArro Brewer10 kun oldin
  • After we kill a turkey we usually cut the breast meat into strips and marinate it with French dressing then wrap it with bacon and use tooth picks to hold it and fry it

    Lazarus McClureLazarus McClure11 kun oldin
  • Hey man, I stumbled upon your first brain cancer surgery video and was just curious on how it affected your life further on down the road. I just wanted to say that I am thrilled and pleased to see how well you're doing. Cheers!

    Marshall CameronMarshall Cameron11 kun oldin
  • I love lfgs content but I hate that his channel is dying

    Jake PridgeonJake Pridgeon11 kun oldin
  • Did I just hear the baby name at 11:10 or so ? Ben

    DNA Gun trainingDNA Gun training12 kun oldin
  • Been a lot of places and I have never seen anyone eat cream gravy with turkey before, might have to try and it now.

    Erica VanceErica Vance12 kun oldin
  • I feel like we could definitely be friends LFG! Hell of a dude and great family! Keep them coming I feel at home!

    Brandon SnyderBrandon Snyder12 kun oldin

    Jude SpiveyJude Spivey13 kun oldin

    Jude SpiveyJude Spivey13 kun oldin
  • The amount of smacking in the taste test portion........

    Ethan WrightEthan Wright13 kun oldin
  • Really enjoyed the video buddy there's nothing quite like cooking game like that and then nailing it enjoy I've been there keep it coming!!!

    Charles ShafferCharles Shaffer13 kun oldin
  • Wild Turkey is the Best Turkey I every ate🙌💥🐦 Enjoy Y'all 😘 Stephanie,you should check out Art and Bri,She is Pregnant with Twins She was about your size then ... WOW She got Huge and she has only starting out,😱 JO JO IN VT 💕😄

    Joanne GanonJoanne Ganon13 kun oldin
  • Brother never throw away the wings for the legs pressure cook them and put them in dumplings

    Mathew AtesMathew Ates13 kun oldin
  • Awesome. And congrats

    Jackson StroupJackson Stroup14 kun oldin
  • Sweet Cookie's & juicy Turkey 🦃

    Rowdy BroomstickRowdy Broomstick14 kun oldin
  • Where are you from?

    abdulaziz Al-Anaziabdulaziz Al-Anazi14 kun oldin
  • How many of you laughed with his look after biting the turkey leg hahaha great stuff as always LFG

    CJ NapoleonCJ Napoleon14 kun oldin
  • It is my goal in life to live like lfg and have a lady like osg one day.. Love em both. Great content.

    Mikey GermsheidMikey Germsheid14 kun oldin
  • Great looking bird from LFG and OSG! I’d have to say that putting white gravy on the bird is sacrilegious though, but each his own.

    Knight RiderKnight Rider14 kun oldin
  • I have some bad a$$ recipes for brine and smoking turkeys, people pay me a hundred bucks to do theirs for them. nice job on the video for your first time

    June NagelJune Nagel14 kun oldin
  • 16:05 Rackley was really stressing me out swinging that knife around LOL

    BassinWithBrandonBassinWithBrandon14 kun oldin
  • Hey lFG get some bear claws they are good for moving thoes bigger cuts of meat on and off the smoker.

    Tyler MayTyler May14 kun oldin
  • I love crappie fishing i just watch one of ur videos on crappie. I went turhuting for the 1st time on mon the 19

    Frank OwensFrank Owens14 kun oldin
  • let me guess, you bought this at the academy in Denton ;)

    Ben CrockerBen Crocker14 kun oldin
  • Should have been a Rec Teq

    Alex SpurlockAlex Spurlock15 kun oldin
  • You have to fry the breast man. Cut it up into nuggets and fry like chicken strips. You wont go back

    331slash331slash15 kun oldin
  • Dagum trying to stay up another 2 hours glad i saved this for this morning. Here in Indiana got some snow last night for our opener. Wish me luck driving a hour an half an hopefully get me or my lady our first bird!

    Indiana HuntersIndiana Hunters15 kun oldin
  • Looked good. Thanksgiving in April..

    Derik DrinkleDerik Drinkle15 kun oldin

    GB Outdoor AdventuresGB Outdoor Adventures15 kun oldin
  • Breakfast cookie! Good name cause you can eat them all day long!!

    M BM B15 kun oldin
  • Pineapple turkey legs slow roast in a crock pot. Pineapple enzymes break down and tenderize the meat... and you get an amazing sweeter taste. SOOOOO good!

    Abi WeastAbi Weast15 kun oldin
  • Scones need Cornish Clotted cream and strawberry preserve. That's the best and only British way to eat it. Congratulations on people being to comment about the baby on the way😂😅ThankQ.TkEZ>UK

    Ian FarquharsonIan Farquharson15 kun oldin
  • I don’t like wild turkey but that looks amazing

    Quick-_- SilverQuick-_- Silver16 kun oldin
  • Congratulations on the baby boy guys

    Quick-_- SilverQuick-_- Silver16 kun oldin
  • Hello Lakeforkguy ! I regret that you don't respond to your fan base but Congratulations on your second child to be.!!

    David ColeyDavid Coley16 kun oldin
  • Always wash the brine off then season before smoke.

    Jake GowerJake Gower16 kun oldin
  • Wild turkey is about the best eating wild game there is imo

    Ethan AschenbrennerEthan Aschenbrenner16 kun oldin
  • Why don’t you wear your Aggie ring?

    Sam SchusterSam Schuster16 kun oldin
  • Great video! I'm going turkey hunting for the first time this coming weekend and this made me even more excited!

    Tim HorstTim Horst16 kun oldin
  • Scones are amazing if you ice them and dip in milk! Cold milk cure the dryness! I think the milk idea came from like Wisconsin!

    Grant WolfGrant Wolf16 kun oldin
  • that was perfect , like Please visit my channel and support us....🤝....

    EasyCookEasyCook16 kun oldin
  • Did he really say turkey legs are unateable? Shit it’s the best part of a wild turkey if you cook them right

    Wesley PorterWesley Porter16 kun oldin
  • For a long time I thought OSG stood for One Sexy Girl lol watched older video and figured it out

    Len ShreckLen Shreck16 kun oldin
    • What does it stand for? I'm new to this channel

      Linesan RamanLinesan Raman6 kun oldin
  • Hey mr and misses Rackley miss OSG can you please look up Australian scones. It really hurt to see you call them scones would be awesome if you tried a great Aussie scone recipe fresh-cream and jam

    Ben LoganBen Logan16 kun oldin
  • Don't worry OSG I love scorn hopefully I started right

    Tristan Van OortTristan Van Oort16 kun oldin
  • Fantastic use of the whole bird!!!

    John FrancisJohn Francis16 kun oldin
  • I’ve seen you and Mike like to use the pellet grill... have you looked into or considered Masterbuilt gravity series?? Temp control just like pellet grill but still use and taste of charcoal.

    Dustin BurnsDustin Burns16 kun oldin
  • Team work makes the DREAM work....Great content you and JonB are killin it...

  • damn man looks great! ill be hunting here in Michigan this weekend

    North American TrapperNorth American Trapper16 kun oldin

    Jay MJay M16 kun oldin
  • Good job LFG , proper 👍🔥🔥🔥 . Still need some work on the turkey calls lol My top favorite channel on UZworld

    Jeremy ErnoJeremy Erno16 kun oldin
  • We left scones behind in 1776!! LOL jk

    Pat IndvikPat Indvik16 kun oldin
  • I'd glaze those, just real simple, milk and icing sugar, maybe a bit of lemon zest and mmmhmm

    Brian RobinsonBrian Robinson16 kun oldin
  • Oh my that looked so wonderful. The cookies looked good also.

    K A JohnsonK A Johnson16 kun oldin
  • 175 is a good temp for the dark meat (thighs) it’s honestly saver having it at 175 in the dark that way you know the juices run clear

    Back Woods BinaryBack Woods Binary16 kun oldin
  • Go ahead and SMASH that like button before you even watch this shit. I do it every tiiiiime

    Johnney BrudenJohnney Bruden16 kun oldin
  • Hay lfg did you quit bass fishing

    Curly Que2Curly Que216 kun oldin
  • Legs and thighs in a crock pot with some adobo sauce, wine, stock ,garlic, shallots, and Chipotle peppers best tacos ever

    Cameron BraggCameron Bragg16 kun oldin
  • Me unsubscribing to lake fork guy beacuse he left googan

    Kole VodvarkaKole Vodvarka16 kun oldin
  • No way! I had a random thought about you two having another kid, and then 12:00 in, it's real! Congrats

    anon ymouseanon ymouse16 kun oldin
  • How lucky are you, a wife making a cookie cook book so you get to try all of the recipes?

  • Make us some Turkey Jerky..?

    up 3up 317 kun oldin
  • Turkey looks amazing! Congrats on your soon to be new addition. Health and happiness to you and your family LFG.

    Paul MaldonatoPaul Maldonato17 kun oldin
  • Do the fry daddy thing with your next turkey .. Deep fried 😋

    Joe's Guilty GuitarJoe's Guilty Guitar17 kun oldin
  • Manners everywhere are screeching at the smacking while eating :O

    Tommy HuffmanTommy Huffman17 kun oldin
  • What wood did you use? I had great luck smoking turkey breasts with alser wood on a weber. A light, sweet smoke, also good on fish, FYI.

    Mike Gray-EhnertMike Gray-Ehnert17 kun oldin
  • The first year my dad smoked the turkey for Thanksgiving my grandmother was absolutely beside herself. She wanted a second turkey in the oven as backup. When the smoked turkey came out, my grandpa started carving and she was still complaining. So my grandpa took a piece and shoved it in her mouth. It shut her right up. We've had smoked turkey ever since lol.

    amorton94amorton9417 kun oldin
  • oooo weeee slap yo grandmawww!!!!!!!!!!

    Ben JenkinsBen Jenkins17 kun oldin
  • Wild Turkey breast and legs might as well be from a different animal. It like a fillet and brisket, I’d never cook them together! Brest can be grilled.....those legs are like trying to eat a pair of old boots, 90% of hunters thrown them in the trash. I don’t, but I also cook them for 12 hrs....then you gotta pick all the bones and spindle out of them.

    Chris PetersonChris Peterson17 kun oldin
  • You are supposed to wash the brine off. Its going to be very salty if you don't

    skylerskyler17 kun oldin
  • I usually just eat the breast because of how tough the turkey can get. Brine it in a buttermilk and spice mixture and then bread it in a 50/50 Kentucky Colonel and Flour mixture then fry it. Dip it in home made canes sauce. That’s the way to go for me.

    Caden RudaCaden Ruda17 kun oldin
  • Smash that like button for 8,000 away from a million!!!

    cpsencik04cpsencik0417 kun oldin
  • Camp Chefs are awesome. For how small they appear, they hold a lot of food. Also, congratulations! My family has the reverse. Our little boy came first, and our daughter is coming next week!

    Brandon WalmsleyBrandon Walmsley17 kun oldin
  • Lol, alright! Congratulation on the little guy! My birthday is the 16th. Of September. God bless all here.

    comiketigercomiketiger17 kun oldin
  • The baby-bump looks magnificent on momma

    Paul FisherPaul Fisher17 kun oldin
  • Wild turkey is amazing. Favorite way to prepare it is turkey breast schnitzel

    Ramon ContrerasRamon Contreras17 kun oldin
  • Now we know how he gets it. You'd think he'd have more kids with all these great jobs. 😁😆

    M JonesM Jones17 kun oldin
  • I myself usually just breast them out and cut the breast into chunks make stuffed bell peppers cramming turkey and cheese and onion inside them

    Brian RandolphBrian Randolph17 kun oldin
  • Use apple juice or cider to baste the legs, keeps them moist and the cider adds a great flavor.

    M JonesM Jones17 kun oldin
  • Pretty sure once the universe finds out a man eats scones, fish stop eati.g his baits, and game stops showing up on the hunt. JK, enjoyed the video, buddy.

    j richardsj richards17 kun oldin
  • I save my legs and thighs. Put them in a crockpot with some chicken stock, and veggies. Pick out the bones and add some egg noodles at the end.

    KY_Ridge_Runner'sKY_Ridge_Runner's17 kun oldin
  • Is OSG preggers?

    vidacrazyvidacrazy17 kun oldin
  • Gotta capture them drippins' for gravy. Gravy makes the meal!!!!

    P CampbellP Campbell17 kun oldin
  • I think you know Jimmy Houston his wife had a stroke right after Easter she needs your prayers as well as Jimmy. God bless you and your's.

    Michael GloreMichael Glore17 kun oldin
  • Wild turkey 🦃 101 aka Tough Tom

    LakeErieMonsterLakeErieMonster17 kun oldin