Squirrel Hunt & Cook with VINTAGE RIFLE at Bush Camp

8-Mar, 2021
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After making a bushcraft hunting camp in the woods, we are waking up to go squirrel hunting using my vintage lever action .22 rifle. We have built up a nice camp fire to clean and cook our squirrel at our backwoods bush camp.
Ithaca .22 single shot
Sightmark Wraith
Pulsar Accolade
Aqua Quest Safari Tarp - amzn.to/3t0T87n
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Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other UZworld Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie AKA Ocean Spoon Girl and french bulldog Winston.

  • Boiling squirrel is a great way to cook them. Boil it in salt water

    Justin MasonJustin Mason22 kun oldin
  • Uhmm err- Poaching? or is it Legal Poaching? Cuz i don’t thing squirrels are food I love animals this video just Cuts a wound in my heart... Im sorry i just cant watch you cut them

  • Who makes that grill grate and what make knife is that ? The wood scales look good and that grill grate handle look great as well

    Jmav91Jmav91Oy oldin
  • What's the knife your useing LFG ? Shout out from Canada Nova Scotia!

    Edward HaayerEdward HaayerOy oldin
  • Loving these vids man. Favorite channel

    Nathan SmithNathan SmithOy oldin
  • Nice one of your best vids.

    James YerkesJames YerkesOy oldin
  • I loved it, just you and mother nature

    June NagelJune NagelOy oldin
  • I remember someone telling me olive oil was good for your blades as well! Then I remembered it was you doing it on an axe head ( I think) when you went camping with your Dad and someone else. Such a wholesome, humble dude. Glad to see you living the life you want to live!

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand GrowsOy oldin
  • Looks like a BB gun

  • How do you not like this video. 👍🏻

    Bruce MohonBruce MohonOy oldin
  • The vegan teacher is SCREAMING 😭😭😭😭💀💀

    Cherryyy flowerzCherryyy flowerzOy oldin
  • I've had some racoon that we figured out how to prep so it wasn't bad

    Grab-A- SkilletGrab-A- SkilletOy oldin
  • Anyone know the song name

    Aaron RamirezAaron RamirezOy oldin
  • Remember Jesus loves y’all and to be saved and always ready for God’s return and have a blessed day

    Jude SpiveyJude SpiveyOy oldin
  • What did u do with the pig?

    Ben WhisenantBen WhisenantOy oldin
  • Bro lfg has the coolest base to live in

    Noah HansenNoah HansenOy oldin
  • My pap pa gave me the same type of gun when I turned 10 and it was my first rifle, there wasn’t a wild critter one safe when I was a younger boy. Itll always be my favorite gun!

    Westin JohnsonWestin JohnsonOy oldin
  • We saw you at choke canyon

    Bruce The bad gamerBruce The bad gamerOy oldin
  • A million already! Get it done ppl !!! Like sub and comment.

    Lunar CanineLunar CanineOy oldin
  • Just use ur air rifle u have a goodn

    Lunar CanineLunar CanineOy oldin
  • I have 2 of them 22 s

    Joseph burtonJoseph burtonOy oldin
  • I have the same 22 lol

    Bones MerrowBones MerrowOy oldin
  • love the bushcraft stuff!

    Andrew SongAndrew SongOy oldin
  • I was yelling to myself to boiling it. And it wasn’t never to late to boil it. I have the taste for one now

    Dewayne JonesDewayne JonesOy oldin
  • Lovely vintage rifle.. love squirrel it's one of my top game meats, far better than anything at the supermarket.

    Nico SNico SOy oldin
  • I'm going to be that guy bc I love you bro ... so here it goes...plzzzz *DONT* like one of you close friends/googan friends did and put work before your amazing beautiful wife "like he did" plz go home and spin time with her for a few months!!! Us Watchers love watching you running around your house doing stuff the family vlogs is good but not enough vidja so just go run around in your golf cart!!! I love that stuff I know I'm talking out of terms but still I just know your family is perfect for you and I also anit calling you a shity husband I just know how shit happens man.

    Brian UnderwoodBrian UnderwoodOy oldin
  • Not to get too political or maybe I am. What a lot of the anti gun people don’t understand is that these guns have memories attached to them. Great times as a youngster. Lessons learned on the way to becoming a great and gentle parent that understands life and can pass on these lessons to their progeny. “ here son, this is the Nintendo controller I used when I was your age” just doesn’t ring as memorable as here’s my 22 that I made memories with. Those memories go with that gun and are not lost. My grandfathers LC smith 12 gauge, passed down through my uncle, sees the annual dove opener in Oklahoma. In seven more years it will be 100 years old. And I will pass it to my son at that dove hunt in 2028.

    Al QuinnAl QuinnOy oldin
  • Where’s this camp at? I’m in central tx and would love to go out there.

    Emmanuel OlaldeEmmanuel OlaldeOy oldin
  • You gotta try squirrels Asian verison wrapped in banana leaves and steamed with tons of Thai spices... the skins the best part .....

    Jet LeeJet LeeOy oldin
  • Love your videos...but need some cooking lessons with that squirrel.

    Emmanuel XiongEmmanuel XiongOy oldin
  • This was a pretty fun video to watch.. remind me of going out with the 410/.22 breakdown over and under Rossi??? when I was a kid, bringing them back to the house and my grandma would make squirrel and dumplings... And I think she did actually use a pressure cooker? then take the meat off the bone and made cracker barrel style dumplings... I might just have to go out and do that this fall...

    D.mushroom HunterD.mushroom HunterOy oldin
  • (1) How To Clean Squirrels Quick And Easy - UZworld

    rick eggersrick eggersOy oldin
  • I also cut across the front and back legs and remove the lymph glands This would be like cutting across your arms opposite your elbows and knees

    rick eggersrick eggersOy oldin
  • I am sorry but the way you cleaned that squirrel cracked me up. There is a much easier way.

    rick eggersrick eggersOy oldin
  • Have to get a decent underquilt

    Michael HicksMichael HicksOy oldin
  • next time you skin one just cut tail at butt through tail bone then stand on tail grab back legs and pull. one cut pull and done.

    DBO OutdoorsDBO OutdoorsOy oldin
  • You sir, just received a new sub!

    Timothy ThorntonTimothy ThorntonOy oldin
  • Old Ithaca lever single shot, they are so cool. I have shot them but have never owned one. They are Classic. Thanks for sharing

    Daniel MastinDaniel MastinOy oldin
  • Are hogs invasive?

    Luke JohnsonLuke JohnsonOy oldin

    Naz HoseinNaz HoseinOy oldin
  • My kind of bushy craft

    Ambient Soundscape NinerAmbient Soundscape NinerOy oldin
  • Love it, basic bushcraft camp.....lets break out the thermal and the AR!

    Guide504Guide504Oy oldin
  • Get a under quilt for your hammock set up. It's saves you on those cold nights!

    Chase BunsnessChase BunsnessOy oldin
  • When I was a teenager and early 20's, me and my friend's would get a few squirrel's and we would be camping so we had seasoning and cut up an onion, then wrap it up in tin foil, and throw it in the 🚒 fire! Works awesome 👍! Love the videos.

    Kevin EvansKevin EvansOy oldin
  • my son had one of those 22's, we had a great time with it. Thanks for sharing.

    Kenneth BillmanKenneth BillmanOy oldin
  • got one of those too. good shooting rifle

    Tod SeatonTod SeatonOy oldin
  • Does anyone know what axe he is using

    Alex salingAlex salingOy oldin
  • About middle video you referenced you're cooking attempt over the fire from the previous video at first you said half and I yelled at UZworld more like all of it and then you corrected yourself and said pretty much all of it

    Joseph FeathersJoseph FeathersOy oldin
  • Nice camp. Easy in easy out. Enjoy every second.

    Jim ColbyJim ColbyOy oldin
  • You are awesome!

    Kenny BKenny BOy oldin
  • Some day I am going to get back out east to hunt some of the squirrels. I would love to try them. Here in Utah not many of the big fox squirrels.

    Matt AdamsMatt AdamsOy oldin
  • Love it bro

    Colorado Coin HunterColorado Coin HunterOy oldin
  • This is the content ive been waiting for. this video and the setup video are great.

    Andrew PoikusAndrew PoikusOy oldin
  • Should have at least taken backstraps from hog. Missing out

    123milkbone123milkboneOy oldin
  • As an Eagle Scout who’s done plenty of camping, when you’re hungry you’ll eat just about anything and it’ll taste good😂

    Mathew HerrethMathew HerrethOy oldin
  • You need too look into a under Quilt for your hammock it will make a big difference keeping that cold air from blowing under your hammock

    Tim HolahanTim HolahanOy oldin
  • Amazing video love the vids man

    Big Bad Ass SmithBig Bad Ass SmithOy oldin
  • What happened to the air rifle

    Clive McnallyClive McnallyOy oldin
  • Par boil it first then brown and season it, good eating there!

    Jon CJon COy oldin
  • Look up how to clean a squirrel with a pair of scissors, itll change your life lol... also dipping it in water first helps with the hair but like you said its damn near impossible to get it all

    Timothy PattonTimothy PattonOy oldin
  • Indica?

    Justin StationJustin StationOy oldin
  • Sorry commenting while watching

    Justin StationJustin StationOy oldin
  • Glad he is showing it squirrels and rabbit same ordeal salt it and let it roll baby

    Justin StationJustin StationOy oldin
  • Boiling makes it tender

    Jason WalkerJason WalkerOy oldin

    Craig MoonCraig MoonOy oldin
  • Don't squirrels have sent glands you need to remove? I think I remember that from one of Flairs videos?

    IvanIvanOy oldin
  • I feast on squirrel soup

    Epic Kakarotto SanEpic Kakarotto SanOy oldin
  • Brother, I am loving this line of video! Bank fishing the river next?

    Chip WoodChip WoodOy oldin
  • you carrying two bark rivers?

    Tyler WalshTyler WalshOy oldin
  • I have the same exact 22!

    Trey SinnTrey SinnOy oldin
  • keep doing these videos theyre nice

  • 👏👏👏👍nice

    Iman KarsidiIman KarsidiOy oldin
  • Awesome vid Justin. Enjoyed it.

    John CaddellJohn CaddellOy oldin
  • Awesome! I still have my first Henry lever action 22 and ruger 10/22, 20years later. Wouldn’t give them up for anything!

    Shane KelleyShane KelleyOy oldin
  • This series has been great! Keep it up man

    Jacob BarrJacob BarrOy oldin
  • Cook one of them ring tail cats next 😂

    Evan WhitakerEvan WhitakerOy oldin
  • Great Video, I would have boiled the squirrel first. It would have tended to make the finished product a little more moist. Unfortunately as you I'm sure already know, wild game does tend to have the fat in it that domestic animals have.

    JT TrainaJT TrainaOy oldin
  • Can’t tell you how much meat I have eaten harvested by my dads Ithaca featherlight 12 gauge. Love it! Awesome vids man

    White River AnglerWhite River AnglerOy oldin
  • Red dead vibes any gamers lol

    Zach zzZach zzOy oldin
  • How long did it take to cook the squirrel?

    Waffles87Waffles87Oy oldin
  • Nice vid once again. I love my marlin mod 60. 22

    Caleb CollierCaleb CollierOy oldin
  • Lfg more like g o a t

    Griffen RoudeGriffen RoudeOy oldin
  • I dont believe in eating everything you kill.

    Aaron WilcoxAaron WilcoxOy oldin
  • I’ve got one of those rifles it was my grandfather. Same brand style everything. Just mine has a darker finish

    Carson PfaffCarson PfaffOy oldin
    • Mines a little lighter but the same rifle

      Bones MerrowBones MerrowOy oldin
  • Good to see you used the two rocks to set your cooking grate on. You should consider adding some leather gloves to your field cook set so if you have to move the cooking grate or shifting other hot items you don't chance getting burned. I love the older 22 rifles. I was at a gun shop a while back and I was looking at a classic 22 and my brother looked at the salesman and said "He collects those" . I did not get that rifle that day because the price was then elevated. Keep up the great job you do. Stay healthy, stay safe and keep living your dreams.

    Kenton DurrantKenton DurrantOy oldin
  • you try on the next animal u kill out heir taking its hide and tanning it like take the flesh off the skin then use it as a table top thing kinda like a thing you put on your table for thanksgiving dinner but for the hide u just put pictures or tv on it i have a raccon one and i have my pictures and trophies on it

    Cody ThomasonCody ThomasonOy oldin
  • I used to have a rife like that in .22 mag when I was younger single shot but accurate little rife...

    Harry DietrichHarry DietrichOy oldin
  • Another video full of outdoor greatness from LFG

    Austin ByrdAustin ByrdOy oldin
  • Random question but brand of boots are you using?

    Wild Outdoors TvWild Outdoors TvOy oldin
  • Bruh stop smacking your lips when you’re eating it rude...

    EddieEddieOy oldin
  • Just my opinion i always boil about 7 to 8 squirrels and then pick the meat off and put it in a slow cooker with bbq sauce one of the best meals I've ever had

    Paul PensingerPaul PensingerOy oldin
  • Squirrels have rabies

    la verdadla verdadOy oldin
  • Ah this looks like the life man. I am really beginning to wish i was born in Texas.

    Gundiir InshashaGundiir InshashaOy oldin
  • Just curious what kind of knife you used when you cleaned that squirrel.

    Jake TrowbridgeJake TrowbridgeOy oldin
  • If u boil it for 50 mins and put it on the grill until golden brown it is the greatest thing ever

    FlipinAnd PitchinFlipinAnd PitchinOy oldin
  • Love the memory.

    Chris PierceChris PierceOy oldin
  • Hey man I can give you a racoon recipe that's great, and it won't be greasy

    Ricky MumfordRicky MumfordOy oldin
  • loving this bushcraft theme!

    PaulPaulOy oldin
  • What part of texas?

    JoseG817JoseG817Oy oldin
  • Keep doing these!

    BWC okBWC okOy oldin