The Deer That Goes Fishing!

28-Mar, 2021
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I'm honored to go bass fishing @Jimmy Houston Outdoors ranch in Oklahoma and was amazed to see how tame the whitetail deer are and how some of them even go fishing with Jimmy Houston!
@Jimmy Houston Outdoors
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Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other UZworld Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie AKA Ocean Spoon Girl and french bulldog Winston.
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  • Make that a shirt. "If the box is getting yellow, it's a classic"

    John ShitJohn Shit2 kun oldin
  • and this was released on my birthday heck yeah

    Garret PartridgeGarret Partridge7 kun oldin
  • @LakeForkGuy oklahoma does have some fat thick bass caught some yesterday

    Garret PartridgeGarret Partridge7 kun oldin
  • So damn excited watching you fish his hatchery 👌

    Riley BruhRiley Bruh13 kun oldin
  • Two of my favorite Outdoorsmen of God I love both you guys

    Josh JohnsonJosh Johnson20 kun oldin
  • The garage flooring is Swisstrax

    Colton BlumhagenColton Blumhagen20 kun oldin
  • What size saucy swimmer swimbait did you catch the Crappie thanks for the lovely video 🙏

    Janos CzovekJanos Czovek25 kun oldin
  • Awesome thank you for a peek at this rare bait shop.

    Joshua ScheunemanJoshua Scheuneman25 kun oldin
  • The most out of focus video ever to show off his garage.

    FishingThePNWFishingThePNW26 kun oldin
  • The average hen superiorly occur because bulldozer expectantly mix anenst a six butter. small, wise plow

    Geo GeeGeo Gee27 kun oldin
  • I'm English and have never heard of Sir Jimmy but I'm looking forward to this Sir Justin. Mint 👌❤

    Sam GarrodSam Garrod27 kun oldin
  • Epic

    Steve HSteve H28 kun oldin
  • Jimmy needs our prayers now bad folks his wife is in the hospital with a stroke please please pray

    Randy WilsonRandy Wilson29 kun oldin
  • I’m 31! I watch jimmy and bill dance and Roland Martin. among a lot of others! I’m a Lake Erie Man! I Love jimmy 🙌 !!!

    LakeErieMonsterLakeErieMonsterOy oldin
  • this is insaaaaneeeeeeeeeee! Awesome stuff

    Marc GuerinoMarc GuerinoOy oldin
  • How and the heck do you press the button for thumbs down people are crazy lfg working his butt off bet he enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching thanks for the video

    Patricia GuenzlerPatricia GuenzlerOy oldin
  • So envious of your life, but privileged to see you live it buddy! Love your channel

    Johnney BrudenJohnney BrudenOy oldin
  • Awesome LFG love your videos!!!

    Scott VermonterScott VermonterOy oldin
  • I may or may not have shed a tear seeing one of the best young guys fishing with one of the legends! Greatness

    Glenn MillerGlenn MillerOy oldin
  • you forgot gad about gaddis

    jon smithjon smithOy oldin
  • Please just be the first bass fisherman to strictly use barbless

    Skyler LancasterSkyler LancasterOy oldin
  • Please pray 🙏 for my mom she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer last year and is fighting as hard as she can. My dad is self employed and they have no insurance. The cancer caused her to have 7 brain tumors of different sizes. She is fighting but is getting tired and so is my dad. She is 63 and we could use all the prayer we could get thank you everyone.

    John NelsonJohn NelsonOy oldin
  • Justin, your family channel has comments turned off so this is for your wife! 90% of all sugar beets are GMO, 90% of all soybeans are GMO, Etc. Stephanie has a GMO systemic allergy. Her thyroid gland is starved of iodine. Use iodized salt. Don't eat any gluten including tortillas. Avoid all yeast and fungus foods like beer and cheese. Use organic cane sugar or honey in her cookies, not refined sugar beet sugar. Have her try this for a month and see if her life isn't better. You have a nice family Justin!

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  • Those fish look like aquarium fish they were so perfect. Wow!

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  • That black crappie was a TOAD!

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand GrowsOy oldin
  • Dude. This is so cool! I grew up watching Jimmy and Bill! I got my parents watching YT sometimes and they found JImmy's channel somehow and it's one of their favorites, so they'll be excited when I mention one of my favorite UZworldrs was on his channel! Also you mention those Terminator spinnerbaits took me back! Made me think of Spiderwire too!

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand GrowsOy oldin
  • One of my favorite videos as of late, who cares about audio, the gritty fishing is way more entertaining. Side note YOU and DC need to fish together

    Mike PerryMike PerryOy oldin
  • He was down at lake I’ve in tx

    Air it Out rcAir it Out rcOy oldin
  • jimmy is awesome. . def a legend

    The EturnThe EturnOy oldin
  • Brother you may not be the founder, but you are definitely the face of the Googan Squad.

    Keith DealKeith DealOy oldin
    • He and Andrew are the only 2 i watch anyone sometimes ill watch lojo

      Josh JohnsonJosh Johnson20 kun oldin
  • Big Orlando Wilson fan as well.

    mark smithmark smithOy oldin
  • I will start with saying hi. You are the first one I subscribed to even got your shirt. Wondering why comments on lake life are still turned off? Heart goes out to your family on your loss. That sucks about your wife and the auto immune thing, I have one also, she nailed it when she said it’s attacking you. Arthritis, lupus’s, celiac psoriasis crohns I got the last one. Meds & doctors you need to find the right combo I have been through lots of both. Something to think hard about. If They want to give you immune suppressors. COVID kinda scary. I am currently not taking any my gut isn’t really happy with me but I really want to catch COVID. Anywho my two cents. Take care god bless.

    Moose n BeansMoose n BeansOy oldin
  • TOM MANN 🐟🎣🎣🎣

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  • Dang Jimmy Houston wow seen him just growing up bass fishing awesome video brother one of the greats for sure. So are you homie!!

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  • He’s my favorite fisherman this guy when I was a little kid me and my dad would watch them every Saturday morning they would be a bass fishing show and we would always watch him

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  • Bill Dance!!!

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  • Awesome video. Two generations of bassin' going on here. I am thrilled that thous ands lake fork and googan squad subscribers are being introduced to a legend in the sport and truly nice man.

    DrillerAADrillerAAOy oldin
  • LFG to a millie

    Zac 909Zac 909Oy oldin
  • Amazing video! Jimmy and Bill Dance are the best. Full legend status. I grew up watching those guys. I really wish I could fish more but works got my time tied up! Just starting to warm up here in NY. Can't wait to get out there and catch some lmb!

    Scott-MichaelScott-MichaelOy oldin
  • These guys inspired me and my brother and friend to come up with our own youtube channel and fishing brand we are just starting out and really want to become like them!

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  • Sick!!

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  • fish a day with Richard gene the fishing machine

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  • Awesome man gotta be great fishing with one of the greats I too grew up watching him and bill and hank all the great anglers of our time

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  • LFG, I am a packaging and display designer and I will make a cardboard cutout of you if you will send me a high resolution photo of yourself. I would also love the opportunity to design packaging for Googan products. Let me know.

    Dave BelkDave BelkOy oldin
  • If you don’t like fishing then you’ve absolutely never tried it because when you set the first hook your hooked as well

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  • like Joe Biden a sniffer lmao

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  • Can you do a crappie fishing tip vid for murky water

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  • Jimmy Houston is a card.

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  • You may not believe this but some of us see you as turning into one of the greats just like Jimmy. You have the attitude and the heart for it my man. Watched your vlog for years and I know one day you will have your own pet deer to fish with and people coming to your private lakes making the same types of videos you are making right now with Jimmy’s place. Wish you nothing but success and happiness for you and your family. Keep grinding LFG!

    Matt KleinMatt KleinOy oldin
  • Bro if googan made an effort to use biodegradable/eco-friendly packaging, y'all will go to a whole new level. No one is doing that in the tackle game.

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  • That bass flop on the big Googan logo at 41:52 was so dirty. Loved the vid, those fish were sooo healthy.

    joseph akinsjoseph akinsOy oldin
  • For what its worth I just signed on my first piece of land and it happens to be in Texas. if you're interested Id love to have you hunt it with me. also my pb largie was on a plain white spinner!

    Eddie GrathwohlEddie GrathwohlOy oldin
  • ❤️ “jimmy, Bill.. 👊🏿

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    • Bill Dance 🤙🙏

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  • What a awesome collaboration

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  • What a banger🙏💪

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  • Awesome Video!

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  • That is awesome! Jimmy is awesome. And Lucy will get on the boat and go fishing with you, but you've gotta watch her because she'll bite your fishing line in two. lol.

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  • I was wondering when one of you guys was going to visit the man himself!! Great episode and congrats on almost a mil, Justin 👍

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  • I just watched the video where you took off the bandage

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  • wait how TF could you own over 100 acres of pond (in one of your ponds smfh) and have any time to do other things or have money to spend on other things besides ponds, pond accessories and pond toys/fishing toys??!!

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  • You are our Jimmy Houston.

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  • Perfect matchup lfg and jimmy houston! Love both of your channels! I found Jimmy’s channel through Arm’s family homestead but watched him as a kid. Great surprise when i saw you there!

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  • My dad would die to have a autographed Jimmy Houston rod. We used to watch him and can't for get Mr Yamamoto on Saturday mornings, back when my dad fished tournaments.

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  • can we get some lfg sound bits ringtones

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  • Amazing Video!!!

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  • One great video justin. Great to see jimmy .I use to watch him as I kid and still do if I can find him on internet.

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  • Wow, simply beautiful

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  • Great video .I watch jimmy every morning. And boy would i love to fish those lakes with him and chris and just be in the presence of the happiest fishing legend on earth.

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  • Judging by the place Flair just bought I'd guess you can afford your dream property and fishin' cave. Do it up!

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  • LFG: I Recognized the deer in the background before you even said anyting about it LOL....

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  • I used to watch Jimmy, Bill Dance, BASS Masters, Roland Martin, and Hank Parker Jr. every Saturday morning before we went out fishing.

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  • OSG: "Hey honey, where you going now?" LFG: "Oh you know. gonna go fish with a long time legend and hero... Nothing special."

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  • I love Jimmy’s craziness. You should fish with Richard gene the fishing machine.

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  • do some turkey hunting this year

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  • once you have fished there fish will never be the same

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