Truck Stranded on Highway! Good People Help : )

1-Dek, 2020
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I was stranded on the highway after my truck ran out of diesel. Luckily I was helped by a local deer hunter named Eric that brought me some fuel. He was reluctant to take my cash offer and simply requested I pay it forward to someone else. He left me with a brochure highlighting the Cooper Max Foundation. As it turns out, Cooper is Erics son and suffered from numerous cancerous tumors that eventually took his life at a tragically young age. Eric had no idea who he was helping or how many people would hear about the Cooper Max foundation and didn't even ask that I donate to the organization. He's just a good guy and a good dad trying to help his fellow man through the legacy of his son. Thanks Eric
The Cooper Max Foundation
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  • Has the truck been good with over heat issues?

    Craig RCraig R3 oy oldin
  • Time to consider uber

    PahaninPahanin4 oy oldin
  • Have you had any engine regen issues? Fans running, lots of noise?

    Greg VGreg V4 oy oldin
  • Time to install a Titan tank

    James GJames G4 oy oldin
  • I done told you about those Chevrolet trucks, but Eric bailed you. Was he driving a Ford?😅😆. God bless you bro, Never quit, that's what I like about you!. Was that a truck issue 😂, yes I've donated.

    James DoranJames Doran4 oy oldin
  • Power stroke

    DaytimehookerfishingDaytimehookerfishing4 oy oldin
  • You never run out because you had a Toyota. But then you went ahead an bought that sh*tbox .....

    Nate StandleyNate Standley4 oy oldin
  • Very cool time laps of the clouds and thunder!!!!!

    ddk56vwddk56vw4 oy oldin
  • Sounds like Chevy fuel gages are kinda suspect! 😼

    Jeffrey JohnsonJeffrey Johnson5 oy oldin
  • Are you really from lake fork in yantis tx ??

    ashley karlsonashley karlson5 oy oldin
  • If you have a five gallon can of fuel and starter fluid you can get it going again

    Lyndon SchrockLyndon Schrock5 oy oldin
  • I just bought one of these trucks yesterday.

    T Roy JenkingsT Roy Jenkings5 oy oldin
  • I hope someone help me, I will lose my mom I swear my mother wanted an operation that cost nearly 500 dollars And I didn’t have the money for your friend from Egypt

    Alfa NetAlfa Net5 oy oldin
  • ditch them chevy already

    PachoPacho5 oy oldin
  • Aloha Justin! Man sitting in that stand looks like a good time indeed! Eric Max has renewed my faith in humanity! Great of him to help you out. I checked out the Cooper Max foundation and it touched my heart. I do hope your platform can bring more of us to donate to that great foundation. I know it definitely made me feel great opening up my wallet! Cant say that much these days. Aloha from The Big Island. Eric

    EeZ3 808EeZ3 8085 oy oldin
  • You need a ford f250

    Andre WilliamsAndre Williams5 oy oldin
  • R u doing a health update, I follow the Lake Life channel heard about the good and bad news, remember it always, and I mean always could've been worse, GOD BLESS LFG, OSG, little Emmy girl. This ain't ur latest video, I wanted to thank y'all for the entertainment u guys provide me I had tumor surgery 3 yrs. ago, still can't walk(got a rare syndrome called Posterior Fossa) all in all had 9 different surgries, but makin progress, hope to meet u someday, by the way serious dangler here.

    Nathan HershbergerNathan Hershberger5 oy oldin
  • Do not stay in your vehicle when youre stranded on the side of the road!!! On Tuesday I stopped to help a couple that slid off the road in Colorado. When I got to them an out of control semi demolished my pristine Ford superduty sitting on the shoulder. So happy I wasnt it it. I uploaded the video on my youtube

    jason shaefferjason shaeffer5 oy oldin
  • good shots.. I also wait for my channel🙂👍

    Fatih GÜREFatih GÜRE5 oy oldin
  • Note to self, don't buy a Chevy

    platapus112platapus1125 oy oldin
  • Just wanted to say God Bless you and Ocean Spoon Girl. Praying for you even though we still can't comment on your other channel.

    Phaedrus143Phaedrus1435 oy oldin
  • awesome

    Christian FinnChristian Finn5 oy oldin
  • hi Justin, AWESOME video!!! be safe, good luck, thank you, your friend in Ky. bill

    Surfer SurferSurfer Surfer5 oy oldin
  • I am thinking that, you and Eric the mullet man are equal in the mullet stakes. ;-)

    ralph upsralph ups5 oy oldin
  • Fuel isn't that expensive. Keep it above 1/2

    J CJ C5 oy oldin
  • What’s a good bow set up, I don’t know much bout bows but I am looking into getting into it. Anyone got suggestions

    YaBetYaYaBetYa5 oy oldin
  • Well I thought the shitt I mean Chevy laid down on ya again.

    BassGeekBassGeek5 oy oldin
  • What county are y’all hunting in?

    Nicholas HillNicholas Hill5 oy oldin
  • You need to get off the bait and into those big deer scrape lines and trails that lead to the bait and you do to much talking lol if that little deer got spooked by you, a big deer isn’t going to come in near you, they knew you were in there, because all the other deer were acting nervous the big deer are gona stay clear! I know you have killed deer but you gotta be silent and move you head very slow when looking around if you want a huge buck to slip up they hear and see a lot better then we do and are always listening and watching

    Trev HollandTrev Holland5 oy oldin
  • Well it’s a Chevy what did u expect

    Fishing With EddieFishing With Eddie5 oy oldin
  • Dude you have to get a Spartan or a SPYPOINT

    Eli SaintEli Saint5 oy oldin
  • Damn y'all are over here shitting on having a ton of bucks, b/c they're not perfect. I've worked 100s of hours and sat in stands for over 80 hours this season, and I barely have shit coming around. Be blessed.

    Nature's FinestNature's Finest5 oy oldin
  • Loved this vid! Just made my site fishing on ice video up on Canada yesterday 🤘🏻

    GLADDYGLADDY5 oy oldin
  • Dude just get an f250

    FahyOutdoorsFahyOutdoors5 oy oldin
  • Yep, that's a full send... "Running on Empty" hear Jackson Browne in the background.

    Shane J McNairShane J McNair5 oy oldin
  • Aids to asthma. That about covers everything

    J BJ B5 oy oldin
  • Is this shot previously? Like few days ago or awhile ago?

    II-LiveWire-llII-LiveWire-ll5 oy oldin
  • Get a 2500

    LB BassinLB Bassin5 oy oldin
  • Hey that toyota never left ya hanging!

    kenjie lomatkenjie lomat5 oy oldin
  • Glen Rose is only an hour away from me, where can I meet you? Lol let’s go hunting

    emmanuel garciaemmanuel garcia5 oy oldin
  • Mulletmans face at 4:13 when the camera stopped taking pictures.

    Grayson ChambersGrayson Chambers5 oy oldin
  • Made a small contribution. That was meant to happen. Good people still exist when you turn off the news and get out into the world.

    tjrou2005tjrou20055 oy oldin
  • not truck troubles....driver troubles.

  • I was all ready to write a sassy comment about the little duramax being junk turns out you just ran out of gas lol

    Alfred HammerstienAlfred Hammerstien5 oy oldin
  • Need to install a life line and use it when climbing in tree have had a friend fall and break back very lucky to be alive

    TempTemp5 oy oldin
  • You don’t have a bulk tank at your home? That is part of being prepared, having your own supply of GO-juice.

    tyler nathantyler nathan5 oy oldin
  • Man I live 30 mins from there I wish I could have helped

    Cody FordCody Ford5 oy oldin
  • You should give him a buck for him and his family

    Bananaman 67Bananaman 675 oy oldin
  • "They come in from the Boobie hill" 😂

    amorton94amorton945 oy oldin
  • As always love the content brother. Just curious as a fishing freak year round myself how seeing that 10 pointer or even the big bucks you've taken compares to giants you've hooked into and then watch swim off?

    Hook'n HeritageHook'n Heritage5 oy oldin
  • Hey big guy GOT A QUESTION... I own a programing company and I've been thinking of building a site and a way to put on montly tournaments for all folks to fish in Nd d I it on any body of water that is public.. any thoughtssss???

    Captain RonCaptain Ron5 oy oldin
  • I never run my diesel under a quarter tank because diesel isn't the cleanest gas and so when your truck is pulling the diesel from the bottom of the tank you get stuff running through your motor and it can lead to bigger issues.

    Collin TiddCollin Tidd5 oy oldin
  • Go invest in some lifelines for y’all’s stands. Tie off above stand and it hangs to the ground. Attach your harness to a prusik knot and you’re safe from the moment your feet leave the ground.

    Evan WhitakerEvan Whitaker5 oy oldin
  • Look at all of those windmills in the background.....Are you out WEST?

    Larry TidwellLarry Tidwell5 oy oldin
  • still dont seem right to me to lure deer in to feed and then killing them. whatever happened to good ol fashioned hunting

    old mcdonaldold mcdonald5 oy oldin
  • How does lfg not have 1 million subs he’s one of the best googans

    Jordan NessJordan Ness5 oy oldin
  • Dude u need to get rid of the toy diesel and get the big boy! You won’t regret it!

    blugrassmaniacblugrassmaniac5 oy oldin
  • Great video. Thanks much. God bless all here.

    comiketigercomiketiger5 oy oldin
  • Give those bucks another year

    Cayne CrabtreeCayne Crabtree5 oy oldin
  • Well the first mistake was buying a Chevy.

    HarmicidalHarmicidal5 oy oldin
  • Who doesn't see the gas light? 🤦‍♂️

    Hawk WranglerHawk Wrangler5 oy oldin
  • Guess its time to start carrying a 5 gallon jug of go juice. I remember one time i was rolling on e during a snowstorm, the flippin freeway shut down like a mile from the gas station, never put so much gas in my tank before, was running on fumes.

    f0rumrrf0rumrr5 oy oldin
  • Get yourself a Life Line. Install on tree when first placing your stand. Life Lines have prusik knot which you can slide up the l.line rope but if you slip, it stops your fall immediately. I would not hunt an elevated stand without one. Most accidents happen when climbing into or out of your tree stand. Love your videos, yours and Mullet Man's

    rick eggersrick eggers5 oy oldin
  • Dang LFG , like button pushed for Eric helping out our man. Pay it Forward. ~ Texas

    Nascarmomma MNascarmomma M5 oy oldin
  • God works in mysterious ways. God bless.

    Leonard CavarettaLeonard Cavaretta5 oy oldin
  • Just throwing it out there, you aren’t gonna change the genetics of your deer herd in your lifetime. A more effective approach would be to make habit improvements, and actually hunt deer rather than feed piles. Improved food quality throughout the year is what will result in better quality racks

    Tanner AustroTanner Austro5 oy oldin
  • You have had nothing but trouble with that truck

    Jo WhJo Wh5 oy oldin
  • Crazy that you can shoot deer off a feeder...not right IMO.

    R.A.C.R.A.C.5 oy oldin
  • the chances that a guy whos son passed from cancer just helped out such a big social media person who also had a brain tumor... that is just a sign that it was meant to happen.

    TJ FitzgeraldTJ Fitzgerald5 oy oldin
  • There are still some good people left in this world, God brings them around to you when you least expect it. Thanks to Eric for the help. Sweet hunt can't wait to see the big one drop.

    Rodney & Kimberly HenryRodney & Kimberly Henry5 oy oldin
  • did any body see the scar on the spike that ran off

    Blake FreedBlake Freed5 oy oldin
  • I've been waiting for a long time for one of the googans to do some consistent deer hunting

    Ian RobinsonIan Robinson5 oy oldin
  • God...👍 I am from Indonesia🙏

    Angler VersusAngler Versus5 oy oldin
  • i have cystic fybrosis myself and luckly i dont have it bad at all i am grateful for that

    TIM TVTIM TV5 oy oldin
  • It was definitely God's plan for you to meet Eric

    brnco86brnco865 oy oldin
  • 7:30, you should have your bow hanger on that branch above you. Way less movement and your bow would basically be in the ready position. Would not have to reach down to get it.

    Chase LivingstonChase Livingston5 oy oldin
  • Ugh I miss his old Toyota Tundra :/ Like this if you agree I know he just ran out of fuel btw.. I don’t mind any truck brand really

    SummitLifeTVSummitLifeTV5 oy oldin
  • AAA ?

    Bob StiglerBob Stigler5 oy oldin
  • Never ever, let your tank get lower than 1/4 tank. My dad instill that in me as a youth and especially with a diesel truck. They are a real challenge to get started again, with air in your lines.

    billyl allenbillyl allen5 oy oldin
  • What happened to that freaky exotic goat thing you found??

    21elkaholic21elkaholic5 oy oldin
  • I've asked every 1 I no just to help try get you the million subs keep doing what u doing 👌

    Leonie SmartLeonie Smart5 oy oldin
  • Go back to toyota,please :D

    Toms VirsisToms Virsis5 oy oldin
  • Eric you da man!

    D PilkingtonD Pilkington5 oy oldin
  • Only lfg could run out of fuel in a truck with a big tank and and 40 mpg lol

    Jacob BubbaJacob Bubba5 oy oldin
  • When is Stephanie going to knock her down a good buck

    Niko TexasNiko Texas5 oy oldin
  • Wish I can subscribe more than once so I can help you get a million sooner

    norm3510norm35105 oy oldin
  • Ain’t no way a Chevy did that. They run on solar light

    Logan GeorgeLogan George5 oy oldin
  • LFG switch to Ford man

    Dbeason 1100Dbeason 11005 oy oldin

    J Lee ChroniclesJ Lee Chronicles5 oy oldin
  • You need to take Eric fishing or something! that man has gone through what no man should have to, losing a child to cancer, and he's still able to find it in his heart to help others in need! Bless this man and his family! Dang LFG! Got this grown man crying! This is a fishing channel I ain't supposed to end up crying!!!!

    Fishing The SoutheastFishing The Southeast5 oy oldin
  • If you guys need someone to help do some management deer hunting for all of those small bucks I would be happy to oblige :D Love the videos LFG I'm glad their are people in the world like you and Eric.

    Kolin TerseyKolin Tersey5 oy oldin
  • Paying it forward today... what a guy Eric is!

    DxdgerDxdger5 oy oldin
  • Didn't know your truck was Diesel engine. I'm only wish I could afford a Chevy truck Diesel engine

    Leejtwg WangLeejtwg Wang5 oy oldin
  • Should’ve never left the Toyota crew😂😂😂

    Nathan ThaoNathan Thao5 oy oldin
  • Get a truck like robs

    LxCeverLxCever5 oy oldin
  • Do y’all have protein feeders on your lease? If not, That may be why there’s so many bucks with pencil horns lol

    Camron KingCamron King5 oy oldin
  • Chevy trucks don't warn you how many miles left once the fuel sign come on.

    Jose LongoriaJose Longoria5 oy oldin
  • Man hunting rifle season in big mountain country colorado my whole life hunting from a tree stand is so foreign to me...

    The Weapon CollectionThe Weapon Collection5 oy oldin
  • Get a ranch hand, you won’t have to worry about deer on the road.

    WIDE OPEN with WhitWIDE OPEN with Whit5 oy oldin
  • Chevy driver be like i ran out of diesel

    Rugged BrosRugged Bros5 oy oldin